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The first questions I often hear when people come into the office in Scranton revolve around custody and visitation. Every divorced parent wants to see their children and continue to be a positive presence in their lives even if the marriage did not work out.

Since founding Mastri Law LLC, I have worked with dozens of families to establish a custody plan that is agreeable to the parents, while also looking after the best interests of the children. As an attorney, I believe that it is best for both parties and the children that this process is negotiated in a manner that is both civil and constructive. However you decide to approach this important topic, it is crucial to protect your parental rights and children's well-being.

Common Child Custody Issues To Consider

There are different kinds of custody here in Pennsylvania. These include:

  • Joint custody: The most common type of custody, this is where the child spends equal time between the parents. It also entitles each parent to have equal say in their children's major life decisions. It requires a great deal of communication between the parents, and courts are hesitant to grant it unless there is history of agreement between the parents on parenting issues.
  • Physical custody: Often one parent is awarded physical custody because it is not realistic for children to split their time equally between homes on a day-by-day basis.
  • Legal custody: This means that parents still have equal say in the raising of children even if the living arrangement is not split evenly.
  • Split custody: This occurs when the children are split between the two parents.

Other Things You May Need To Know

The state often awards sole custody to the mother if the parents are unwed. An unwed father often cannot gain sole custody of children if the mother is a good parent, but the father can still file for joint custody. Each case is unique, and it is best to speak with a lawyer to see what your options are.

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