You Have Options With Your Divorce

Divorce is a complex legal issue often further complicated by the range of emotions family members often feel. I have handled dozens of divorces since founding Mastri Law LLC here in Scranton. I see firsthand the impact they can have on clients and families and can help smoothly guide you through this life-changing process while protecting your legal rights and assets.

Couples who divorce must consider a number of additional issues besides the dissolution of a marriage, including creating a family plan, custody, financial support of your children and property division. I provide guidance in these areas as well, properly preparing you for different legal issues that make sure your rights are protected in a Pennsylvania court of law.

Which Approach Is Right For You?

The dissolution of a marriage is as unique as the marriage itself, and there are two general approaches you can take:

Uncontested: This is when the couple searches for an equitable middle ground using a civil dialog. Reasons for choosing this include:

  • The couple accompanied by their own attorneys can negotiate, or they utilize an impartial mediator who works with the parties to build consensus.
  • The tone will be comfortable and constructive.
  • This approach saves time and money, which will be a concern for many families who add another home to their living expenses.
  • This nonconfrontational approach often leads to less emotional trauma if there are children.

Contested: This is when issues are contentious or reach a point of stalemate. If this is the case, I am the lawyer who aggressively fights for your rights and legal goals in court or during negotiations. Reasons for choosing this include:

  • You feel that your spouse is being unfair in their demands or even deceptive in their claims.
  • I can meticulously scrutinize their claims and confirm or deny their accuracy.
  • We can continue to negotiate for a more equitable arrangement.
  • We let the court decide.

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