Criminal Case Testimonial

7th May 2015

If it wasn't for Dominic J. Mastri I would be sitting in a state prison cell with release from prison still a few years away. Mr. Mastri represented me in a Gagnon II Hearing, a hearing you are given when you violate probation. I was in front of this same Lackawanna County judge two weeks earlier with a different attorney asking the judge if he would sign furlough papers so I could go to a drug treatment center and the motion was denied. A new court date was set, my attorney and I were told that I would be receiving a state prison sentence. I thought my life was over. However, I was visited at the jail by Dominic and he gave me hope. The only promise he made to me was that he would hold the judge accountable for any unfavorable sentence that I might be given. In the Lackawanna County criminal justice system that is what you need from your attorney but in most cases don't get.

At my next hearing Dominic was so prepared that he knew more about me than I knew about myself. The judge was prepared to send me to state prison until Dominic presented his case; the judge then gave Dominic two weeks to come up with an alternative to state prison. Dominic worked with my wife and various treatment centers and worked up an alternative. The alternative was a 28 day treatment center followed by a year living in a sober house which he later got reduced to 3 months.

I am now sober 8 months and back home with my wife and son. I'm a productive member of society and run a small licensed and insured home improvement company. None of this would have been possible without the legal representation of Dominic Mastri. He made my family and I feel like we were his only clients. He always returned phone calls from my family and visited me at the jail more times in two weeks than my original attorney did in two years. I knew Dominic was on my side and not part of "the old boys club" that Lackawanna County is famous for. My only regret is that Dominic wasn't my attorney from the start. He was court appointed and treated my case as if I was paying him the rate an attorney of his caliber commands. I wish I could have made this shorter but I want people to see just what Dominic was up against when he took this case and what the outcome was.

The bottom line is I've had a few attorneys over the years and Dominic is the only one I would ever hire again. My family and I will be using Dominic in any and all situations that require an attorney. My family and I would like to thank Attorney Mastri for giving me the chance to put my life back together.



Credit Score Testimonial

11th Jun 2013

"Attorney Mastri helped me correct some inaccuracies on my credit report. He made quick work of what I thought was a complex problem. His work dramatically improved my credit score." - J.M.O


Commercial Zoning Testimonial

10th May 2013

"Dominic helped us get a zoning variance for our commercial building. He took care of everything from start to finish. His work enabled us to sell the building quickly and at a profit."



Family Law Testimonial

26th Apr 2012

Dominic helped me through my divorce. He was always there to answer my questions during one of the most difficult times in my life.

- K.C.


Civil Testimonial

17th Oct 2011

Dominic defended me in a civil lawsuit. Luckily, he was able to get the suit dismissed before trial.-T.H.