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The most common causes of ladder accidents 

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Workplace Accidents |

Ladders are a common sight in most workplaces. They allow workers to reach high shelves and areas that they would not otherwise have access to. 

Unfortunately, ladder accidents are a common source of work-related injuries, with around 500 thousand people taking trips to the emergency room every year after ladder falls. Hundreds of these falls even prove to be fatal. 

How do ladder accidents happen? 

User errors 

Sometimes, ladder accidents occur simply because the user has not taken enough care. This is easily done in a busy working environment. For example, a high point may be difficult to access because the floors are uneven. This means that a ladder cannot be erected safely. If a worker goes on to use the ladder anyway and falls, then this is a user error. Fortunately, in workers’ compensation cases, it is not necessary to establish fault. All that matters is that the injury occurred on the job. 

Defective ladders 

The appropriate ladder must be selected for the task at hand. For example, a small step ladder is not good for a job that involves extreme heights. Furthermore, the ladder selected must be in good condition. If a ladder is missing a step, is seized up or is at risk of collapsing, then the ladder should be disposed of and made unavailable to workers. Many ladder accidents occur due to old, faulty and defective equipment. 

If you have been injured at work, then you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These can help to cover your medical costs, lost wages and other expenses related to the accident.