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At Mastri Law LLC, we are motivated to help people facing charges that often seem overwhelming. An arrest can certainly feel like an impossible bind; it puts your liberty, your family, your reputation, and your career in jeopardy. However, you’d be amazed at what an experienced and dedicated attorney can often accomplish in turning your situation around.

At Mastri Law LLC, we see you as an individual, and we will work closely with you to learn all we can in an effort to best assist you. Often, that enables us to have the court see you as an individual as well. When that happens, we can work to achieve a resolution to your case that’s truly appropriate. We will bring to light of all the circumstances the court should consider. Although no attorney can guarantee results, we promise to give our full effort on your behalf, to do everything possible to reduce the negative consequences of your arrest.

Vigorous Defense Representation For A Wide Array Of Offenses

Mastri Law LLC was founded by attorney Dominic Mastri, a former deputy public defender in Lackawanna County. This experience provides our firm with valuable insight into how the criminal justice system works. The cases our Scranton law office most often handles include:

  • Accelerated rehabilitative disposition — We have had great success qualifying defendants for first-time offender programs, such as ARD, and Lackawanna County’s many treatment courts.
  • Assault — We understand that in the heat of a moment, good people can take actions they later regret, especially when those actions result in an arrest. We may be able to use a variety of viable defenses to minimize the negative impact of your arrest.
  • Bail reductions — If bail is offered in your case, it must be reasonable. After close consultation with you, and through independent investigation, we can bring the court’s attention to important details it may not have considered when setting a bail that was unreasonably high.
  • DUI — A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can result in jail time, steep fines, a suspended license, and higher insurance premiums. We can challenge the case against you, including police procedures for traffic stops, roadside testing, grounds for arrest, and forensic testing.
  • Drug possession — We have secured many favorable outcomes fighting drug possession charges. Most drug possession cases never go to trial; they’re settled in plea negotiations that can lead to a dismissal of charges, reduction of charges, a reduction of sentence or entry into treatment programs for nonviolent offenders, or the Prosecution declining to prosecute. We explore every possible option to deliver positive results
  • Expungement of a criminal record — We help you get a clean slate by sealing and expunging arrest records, so your arrest will no longer jeopardize your education or career pursuits.
  • Juvenile cases — When your child has a brush with the law, you want the best possible representation. That means more than just knowledge and experience; you want someone who cares enough to work passionately to deliver the best possible outcome.
  • Parole and probation violations — We have had success at Gagnon hearings when we have been able to introduce pertinent facts the court had not previously considered. You can trust us to do the in-depth investigation necessary to rebut allegations that you violated the terms of your parole or probation.
  • Traffic violations — Citations negatively affect your driving record, put you in jeopardy of a suspension and drive up the costs of your insurance premiums. If you have a CDL or commercial driver’s license, even the most minor traffic offense can affect your livelihood. We can help you fight various types of tickets for speeding, careless driving, driving without a license, driving without insurance, etc., and we can capably manage summary appeals.

When you call Mastri Law LLC for your legal issues, you get an experienced trial lawyer who is determined to fight for your rights.

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