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Do You Need A Prenup?

Marriage is ideally a celebration of your love on the happiest day of your life. But, there is a point when you sign on the dotted line to make it legal. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are often quite useful and necessary for couples with complicated personal finances or business interests. Each agreement can be as unique as the marriage itself, but they generally outline the details of ownership and obligation for a couple.

At Mastri Law LLC, we regularly work with engaged couples in the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre area to negotiate and draft inclusive and legally binding prenuptial agreements. While this may be an awkward topic for many couples to discuss, we can provide valuable help as an impartial and knowledgeable third-party participant in this process, typically in conjunction with an additional lawyer so that each party has personal legal representation.

How Prenuptial Agreements Protect You

An attorney with family law experience in Pennsylvania can help you draft a prenup that addresses your specific needs, but in general, prenuptial agreements are meant to:

  • Clarify the responsibility and financial obligations of each party
  • Provide peace of mind to family members and business partners
  • Protect premarital assets, retirement plans and inheritance
  • Set terms for the division of assets if one spouse dies or the couple gets divorced
  • Memorialize any matter agreed upon by the couple

What Is A Postnuptial Agreement?

This is a written agreement made between spouses after the marriage has begun. While the tone is ideally as collaborative as the marriage itself, couples contemplating separation or divorce can also use it.

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Prenuptial agreements should be discussed and drafted well before the wedding, so don’t wait too long to broach the subject. For more information about how our firm can help you, send us an email or call 570-343-1111.