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How to help kids work through their feelings about your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Family Law |

While filing for divorce and separating from their spouse is a good thing for some parents, it can still have a huge impact on children. Most children aren’t emotionally prepared to handle the extreme feelings that are caused by divorce.

Because of this, it’s up to you (their parents) to provide the emotional support and understanding they need during this transitional time. Some ways parents can help their children through this difficult time can be found here. 

Don’t undermine or ignore their emotions

When their parents divorce, children may feel upset, angry, and even fearful about the future. As parents, it’s your job to let them know these feelings are okay and that they can be open and honest about them. 

Encourage children to talk about how they feel, which will help them work through these complex emotions with guidance and assurance from their parents. 

Only share information children need to know

During a divorce, hurt feelings often come into play. This results in some parents saying unkind things about their ex-spouse, often to or in front of their children. It’s important to ensure this doesn’t happen. 

Even in difficult and bitter divorces, children need a sense of security. Because of this, parents should only share information about the divorce that children need to know. This may be when they will see the other parent again, how holiday time will work, and similar things. 

Helping children through a difficult time

Filing for divorce is challenging. It causes emotions and heartache for everyone involved. When working through your parenting plan, make sure that you always keep the best interest of the kids firmly in mind as you sort through your custody options.