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What are 3 common causes of divorce?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Divorce |

You may have spent years married to your spouse, or you may have just married a few weeks ago. Whether your marriage has been long or short, you may find yourself out of love and wanting something fresh and new.

Every divorce is unique. However, you may find that the reason for your divorce falls under a common theme. Here are three main reasons people end up divorced:

They married too young

There is a large cultural aspect that pushes people to marry early in life as if it promotes happiness by proxy. You might have jumped the gun with a relationship and married just out of high school feeling it was the best thing for everyone or socially expected. 

Many people feel unhappy because they married early. You may feel you missed out on part of their life because you married early. You may even feel you lost part of your autonomy.

There has been spousal abuse 

You may have married at a time when your spouse showed a kinder loving side of their personality. Now, they are the source of constant spousal abuse towards you. You may feel it is necessary to take swift action before the abuse becomes intolerable. 

Spousal abuse may be troubling for you if you feel a divorce might cause your spouse to act aggressively. You should not have to stay in a relationship that can be physically, mentally or financially harmful to you.

There are money troubles

It can often be a strategic move to marry out of financial stress. The combined income makes paying bills just a little easier. Eventually, you may now have the income to support yourself, making the relationship look unnecessary. 

Realizing you’re no longer happy with your marriage is the first step to a happier fulfilling life. You may come out of marriage feeling like a new person. Knowing what steps to take can ease the divorcing process and get the life you deserve.