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What do workers’ compensation benefits cover in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2022 | Workplace Accidents |

Workers’ compensation benefits provide an insurance cover of sorts for injured employees or those who get ill on the job. However, the scheme is unlike your ordinary personal injury cover. While you may be entitled to benefits, workers’ compensation only covers specific damages.

These benefits kick in 7 days after your work-related injury or illness that affects your ability to continue working. Here is what you should expect.

Types of benefits

Several types of benefits are available under Pennsylvania laws. First, the benefits cover medical expenses associated with your injuries or illness. These include doctor visits, surgery, medication, medical equipment and lab tests.

Workers’ compensation benefits cover a portion of lost wages (usually two-thirds of what you earned before) if you are totally disabled and cannot continue working. If you can continue working but earn less than your pre-injury wages, you may still be eligible for missed wages benefits.

Other benefits available in your workers’ compensation package include a specific loss payment if you lost a body part from the accident, such as a toe, hand or arm or if you were permanently disfigured from your accident. Death benefits are also available to your dependents if you lose your life.

How long these benefits will last depends on the extent of your disability and medical improvement, among other facts of your case.

Protecting your legal rights

Once you are involved in a workplace accident, it is necessary to reach out for guidance on how you should handle your claim.

There is a fair share of paperwork involved when filing for workers’ compensation benefits, and even slight mistakes could result in a denial or unnecessary delays. Having someone who understands the claims process by your side will safeguard your rights and ease the claims process.