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Why do women file for divorce more often?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2022 | Divorce |

It is generally accepted that women file for divorce more often than men in heterosexual marriages. The exact statistics can differ from one study to the next, but they often range up to around 70%.

This may be surprising to those who assumed that roughly 50% of the divorce filings would come from one gender and 50% would come from the other. Why is it that women are more likely to file than men? Let’s consider a few potential reasons.

Newfound financial freedom

In a big picture sense, women have achieved a level of financial freedom over the last few decades that they didn’t have previously. There are far more opportunities for them to work and provide for themselves. This means that those who may have felt financially obligated to get married are now allowed to be free to live the life they actually want.

Mismatched expectations

In some cases, psychologists believe that women tend to have higher expectations for their marriage. They expect more out of their partner, especially in an emotional sense. This can lead them to be unhappy with a marriage in which a man may not even realize that anything is wrong.

Addressing problems

Some have also suggested that women tend to see the red flags in marriages more easily, and they are more likely to bring up these problems. They may be attempting to fix the problems, but they certainly notice them in a way that men tend not to. If those problems are not fixed, this could cause them to file for divorce.

If you and your spouse do get divorced in the coming months, be sure you know what steps to take.