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3 common injuries caused by crushing accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2022 | Workplace Accidents |

If you work a job requiring large equipment and machines, there is the possibility of a crushing injury. This type of injury occurs when a part of your body becomes trapped and squeezed between or under heavy items. Devastating injuries usually occur with this type of accident. 

A crushing accident can result in serious complications for weeks, months and even years after the incident. Learn more about the possible injuries that can arise from a crushing injury here. 

1. Nerve damage

Crushing accidents may damage the nerves in the affected body part. You may notice issues with balance, the inability to hold objects, numbness or tingling in the affected area. Nerve damage may also result in involuntary twitching. These are all issues that require immediate medical treatment. 

2. Infections

When a crushing accident occurs, it is not unusual to have open wounds on the affected area. These wounds can result in serious infections if they are not treated promptly. Infections can cause painful swelling and fever and reduce your healing speed. 

3. Compartment syndrome

Crushing accidents can damage the affected area and impact the bone, muscles and tissue. Bones may break because of the pressure or weight of the objects involved. Serious damage may occur to the nerves (as mentioned above) and tissue in the area, resulting in compartment syndrome. This can cause a limited range of motion in the part of the body affected. 

Your rights after a workplace-crushing accident

If you are involved in a crushing accident at work, you must report it immediately to your employer. Be sure to seek medical treatment and learn what legal rights you have to recover compensation for your injuries.