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3 divorce myths

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Divorce |

Have you and your spouse been fighting? Perhaps it’s because there’s a difference between your parenting methods. Or, there’s recently been issues with your finances that are putting strain on your marriage.

Even since your marital problems started, you may have been considering how you can file for a divorce. However, you may know someone who’s been through a divorce themselves. They may have had a rough and messy divorce, which has caused a few fears about the process.

However, just like marriage, every divorce is unique. You shouldn’t let someone else’s experiences unsettle you about divorce. Yet, you may still have trouble getting over the following misconceptions about divorce:

Myth #1: You need a reason for your divorce

Truth: You can divorce for any reason. Perhaps you feel you married at the wrong time or married too young. Or, your spouse has changed for the worse over the years. Whatever the case may be, you can have a no-fault divorce, which means you don’t need to explain why you want a divorce.

Myth #2: Your spouse has to agree to the divorce

Truth: If you’ve filed the proper legal paperwork for your divorce and your spouse has been notified, then they don’t have to agree to it, but that doesn’t stop you from getting a divorce. In other words, if your spouse opposes the divorce, you can still have it granted to you by the court

Myth #3: You’ll never see your kids again

Truth: It’s not only in the best interests of your children to see both of their parents after divorce but the court, typically, wants parents to continue their responsibilities to their children. As such, you’ll be granted the opportunity to create a parenting plan and custody arrangement with your spouse after divorce.

You may still be unsure about divorce Yet, you may need to reach out for legal help when understanding your options for divorce.