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Who is eligible for disability benefits through workers’ comp?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Uncategorized |

People who have medical issues related to their employment often qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Most employees in Pennsylvania have coverage provided by their employer that will apply if/when they develop a work-acquired health condition.

Injured employees can receive health benefits that pay for their treatment costs. They may also qualify for disability benefits that will help replace their income until they return to work. With that said, only certain individuals are eligible for disability benefits via Pennsylvania workers’ compensation.

Those who cannot work

Typically, an injured worker will need to show that their medical condition or the treatment for it will prevent them from working at all. If they could return to work with certain accommodations, they may need to make arrangements to do so. Only those who cannot work at all or who cannot secure accommodations from their employers will be eligible for disability coverage.

Those who miss multiple days of work

Disability benefits are not available for those who only miss half of a single shift. Someone will need to miss at least seven days of work before disability benefits are available through Pennsylvania workers’ compensation. Their eighth day will be the first day they start accruing benefits for lost wages. However, once they have missed 14 days, they can receive coverage for all of the time they were unable to work.  Sometimes, even eligible workers end up with denied claims and will need to appeal to get benefits. They may also need to know their rights to understand if they have received the benefits they deserve.

Learning more about the rules that apply to workers’ compensation coverage in Pennsylvania can help people reduce the financial challenges they may be facing because of a work-related health concern. Seeking legal guidance can help injured or ill workers to navigate the workers’ comp application process as efficiently as possible as well.