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New year, new you? Here’s how to prep for divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Divorce |

Every year, new divorce filings tend to hit an annual low in December. That makes sense since nobody wants to cope with a marital breakup during the middle of the winter holidays.

However, that yearly dip in divorce filings is quickly followed by a January spike. A whole lot of unhappily married people make their way to a family law office as soon as the doors open in the new year. 

If you’ve decided that a new year will bring a “new you” and a new life, use the time now to get ready.

Take these 3 steps today

Whether you’ve already announced your intentions to your spouse or you’re waiting until after Christmas, early preparation can help you have a more successful divorce. Here’s how to prepare:

  1. Get a support team together: You’re going to need emotional support during a divorce, whether that’s from a close family member, a couple of very good friends or a therapist – or all three. Confide in someone who has your best interests at heart so that they can help you stay focused and calm.
  2. Gather your personal information: Marriage is all about love, but divorce is largely a financial transaction. You will need copies of all your financial documents, including mortgage statements, tax returns, credit card bills, bank statements and more. Start a folder and start compiling what you’ll need for this process.
  3. Start thinking about your budget: Divorce can be expensive, but part of that expense is setting up in a new place and adapting to life on one income where you once had two. It’s time to look at your debts, think about your monthly budget when you’re on your own and come up with a viable plan for the future.

Finally, this is actually a great time to seek legal guidance. Even if you don’t want to make your intentions known until after January begins, an early consultation today can help inform your choices and allow you to be proactive about your goals.