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Divorce odds go up if you lose your job

On Behalf of | May 31, 2024 | Divorce |

There are many different ways to look at divorce odds and numerous factors that can impact them. For example, couples who get married young have higher divorce odds than couples who wait until around age 32. Couples who experience a lot of conflict are often more likely to get divorced than those who do not.

One thing to consider is that the odds of divorce can jump when a person loses their job. Studies have found that, while there are marriages that can survive job loss, the sheer odds of splitting up are higher after someone is laid off or fired. Why is this true?

Financial and marital instability

Often, the issue is just that job loss signifies a level of instability in the couple’s life. Their financial position is certainly not as secure as it is for a couple that enjoys more consistent employment. This lack of financial security can also lead to a certain level of marital instability and put more stress on the couple.

For example, perhaps the relationship was already somewhat strained, and the couple was living paycheck to paycheck, but they were making it work. When one person loses their job, though, they can’t make ends meet. They struggle to pay the utilities or buy food. They begin missing mortgage payments and worrying about losing their family home. All of these additional stressors – which were created by the initial job loss – could be enough to cause a divorce.

Considering your legal options

If you are getting divorced for any reason, it’s important to know your legal options regarding child custody arrangements, marital property division and more.