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Making memories during virtual visits with your kids

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2024 | Family Law |

Virtual visits are an increasingly dynamic way that many co-parents manage the challenges associated with being away from their kids when they’re residing with their other parent. If you’re a co-parent, this kind of arrangement can allow you to maintain a strong connection with your children even when physical distance separates you. And if you put in some effort, your virtual visits can catalyze meaningful memories. 

For example, interactive activities can transform your virtual visits into engaging experiences. Consider playing online games together that are suitable for your child’s age. Many board games, card games and interactive apps are available online, offering a fun and competitive way to bond. Additionally, you can engage in creative activities like drawing, crafting or building with digital tools, fostering a sense of collaboration and creativity.

Additional ideas worth considering

Sharing a meal or snack can create a comforting and familiar atmosphere for your kiddo, even through a screen. You can plan a virtual dinner date where both you and your child prepare the same meal or snack and enjoy it together while chatting. This can be a great opportunity to teach your child about cooking, discuss your favorite foods and enjoy the experience of eating together, making the interaction feel more personal and connected.

Reading books together is a wonderful way to spend quality time during virtual visits. If your child is younger, you can read picture books and show the illustrations through the camera, making the story come alive.

Watching movies, TV shows or other content simultaneously via video chat can be a fun and relaxing activity. Use streaming services that offer shared viewing options or simply start the movie at the same time and discuss it as you watch. This shared experience can prompt discussions about what you’re watching and the thoughts and feelings that the content inspires. You can do the same with virtual outings to zoos, museums and other areas of interest around the globe.

While planning these kinds of activities can take some effort, they may prove to be the kinds of effort that your child cherishes their whole life long.